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Disney Base TicketsThe Disney Park Hopper ticket allows you to go to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom at any point during you’re stay! A week or for that matter even a two weeks adventure can Disney vacation is the highlight of most of the kids and their delightful childhood. A kid would possibly go to any extend to get his parents to take him to the Disney world.

It seems like a pure delight to kids to watch the stars up close, the thrilling rides, magic shows and so much more and what simply adds to the fun is that it all comes under one single roof!

There are families who plan a trip to Orlando for one week, two weeks or for that matter even a three weeks visit to explore the various aspects of Disney land is still a smaller amount.

It is a treat for sure to spend so much time with your family and loved ones especially at a place like Disney world.

You could choose to make your visit more affordable by simply buying the Discount Disney Tickets at discounted rates online along with going through the vacation tips that will only make your trip more enjoyable and you are bound to end up having a grand experience!

As a matter of fact all the things situated at Disney world are unique and have some of the most interesting and fascinating things to catch. However some of the most exclusive are the 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and downtown Disney. The attractions such as Sea World, Universal Studios, and the Disney Sports Complex are quite happening as well!

Disney World is claimed to be the one of the most happening destination in the world. This is in terms of the fun and recreations that people get completely succumb to. Yes, it is a fact that Disney world can effortlessly even capture the older as well as the youth with its fun filled activities, live performances and much more.

Park Hopper Tickets Combo Pack

Disney Plus Tickets“We spent two days at the theme parks and got these tickets so we could go to two parks a day. You would think that means we had to skip rides and miss out, but you are wrong! You can completely clear through a park in half a day, and then ride to the next one; just be sure to pick your second park of the day to be one with a good finale show, so you get to see the fireworks! The first day we went to Animal Kingdom, the shows here were incredible; we were thoroughly amazed at what they had trained the animals to do. We rode a Safari ride and saw all the animals in their natural habitats, including lions and rhinos! Next we went to Epcot, the first thing we did was ride Test Track and Mission: Space, both were spectacular! We then went on The Land and were surprised to see Disney’s innovations! We must have spent hours walking around the lake and experiencing other cultures, the food at Epcot was to die for! We watched Epcot’s firework show that night, it was amazing and the water pyrotechnics blew us away. The next morning we went to Hollywood Studios, where we saw Indiana Jones and experienced the Star Tours simulator. My daughter loved the Little Mermaid show and my sons loved the Back-Lot tour, where we got to see how movies were made and enter a perilous canyon. My kids loved the honey I shrunk the kids showing, mostly because of the part where the mice get out and run around your feet (Yea, I just ruined it for the half of you)! Next we headed over to Magic Kingdom, where we spent the rest of the day. Each of my kids had a separate favorite ride here, that’s probably because the areas are split by theme. My oldest enjoyed Space Mountain, a completely indoor rollercoaster in the dark; we must have ridden it five times! The next ride was my second oldest sons; he liked the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, where you get to shoot aliens as they appear all around the moving carts. My daughter liked the Beauty and the Beast show that premiers throughout the day. This park was huge! And we had just enough time to try everything, some of the things we did were fantastic, like Thunder Mountain and the Enchanted Tiki House. All the kids loved when we went through the haunted mansion, and wow was it both creepy and funny! Everything moved, and if you don’t believe me go for yourself, it’s just pretty cool. We stayed late that night and watched the fireworks, which was the better of the two at the theme parks. The park hopper is perfect for experiencing all the parks, if you want to jump between parks during the day then get one of these tickets!”

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