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Wet 'n WildUniversal Studios Florida, islands of adventure, Sea World of Florida, Busch Gardens Tampa bay, and Wet ‘n Wild, have all come together and offer you one of the greatest ever designed Bundle O Fun Ticket which is the ultimate package!

On the purchase of the Orlando Bundle O Fun Ticket you are bound to receive maximum value and you could end up saving more than a several dollars that can be further used to buy more tickets or the Disney mean voucher form our genuine sites.

You could choose from the 5 park Bundle O Fun ticket where you will get to visit the universal studios Florida, islands of adventure, city walk, sea world of Florida, Aquatica and wet ‘n wild, Orlando and with the 6 park Bundle O Fun ticket you will also get to visit the usual universal studios Florida, islands of adventure, city walk, sea world of Florida, Aquatica and wet ‘n wild, Orlando, along with Busch gardens Tampa bay.

At the Islands of Adventure the tourists thoroughly have an awesome time at the Dueling Dragons inverted roller coaster that is high above the Lost Continent. This adventurous park comes with a complete package and is out there to fulfill all the requirements and desires of its visitors. The island is essentially themed to the more like ancient myths and legends.

Islands of AdventureBusch Gardens Tampa Bay is home to some of Florida’s Largest roller-coasters and water rides. With a vast array of both there is never a dull moment in your search for more twists, turns and flips. Along-side the rides are a host of exotic animals, ranging from albino tigers to giraffes and rhino’s. If your looking for a family fun adventure with exotic wildlife and scenery, closely fixed with massive roller-coasters and entertaining dance shows; then this is the place for you.

Aquatica, Sea World’s very own Water Park, is great place for the whole family to splash around in. All manner of splashy thrill rides await you at this brand new water park. Be sure to ride the signature slide of the park, The Dolphin Plunge. Slide down clear water tubes through a lagoon filled with Dolphins!

Choose to buy the Orlando Bundle O Fun tickets from the sites given below and you are sure to benefit. We are at the moment offering the tickets at a discounted rate. So what are you waiting for?

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Orlando Bundle O Fun Tickets

Sea World“We bought this ticket with the idea that we would visit all the theme parks that suited our desires in the Central Florida area. We decided that the first day we would go to Sea World and enjoy some of the shows and rides there. Well my family loved the Shamu shows and the Clyde and Seamore show was funny, and they even picked one of my kids to go down and pose for a picture during the show. Right when they were going to take the picture the Sea Lion splashed my son and got everyone wet. The next day we went to Busch Gardens where we rode ride after ride! My kid’s favorite was the Gwazi wooden roller coaster, and the Scorpion, personally my favorite was the Tanganyika Tidal Wave, it is my favorite water coaster, and I went on it three times! The next day we went to Wet n’ Wild where we spent most of the day going down slides together. The best slide there is DerStuka, where you can fly 250-feet on nearly a 90degree angle at incredible speeds! The most innovative ride there has to be the Storm, where you drop down tubes into bowls, where you swirl around the edges for about forty seconds before dropping out the bottom into a pool of water. The next day we went to Islands of Adventure, where we got to see some of our favorite movie characters. We first went on the Spiderman simulator/moving cart, we encountered some of Spiderman’s dastardly evil villains and help save the city from their schemes. In short, we were just fascinated by the 3D stuff and loved the fiery explosions. The roller coasters here were fantastic, especially the Hulk, which is something completely original; it blasted you out of a tube at incredible speeds instead of a large drop. Our last adventure was to Universal Studios at Walt Disney World, where we saw a ton of funny and interesting shows. Both I and the kids agree that the best thing there was the Backlot tour where we got to see what goes on behind the scenes to make a movie. The best part about the tour was Catastrophe Canyon where you sit in a tram while the entire canyon floods, everything shakes and the driver pulls you out just in time! The Star Tours was also great, where we got a chance to reminisce the original three Star Wars movies and laugh the entire time. Theses tickets are great and fun for the whole family, if you want to enjoy some theme parks these have a wide variety of things to do.” – Billy Venirs

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Orlando Bundle O Fun Tickets

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