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Medieval TimesWonder what Medieval Times actually relates to??? Well it is certainly more than a mere dinner attraction. You could regard it as an entrée to a life full of magnificence, gallantry, spirit and admiration of old and the routine rupture to life in awe-inspiring authentic event and fun filled action.

Starting from the 11th century manner where you will be given a warm welcome by the King Alfonso and Princess Esperanza. Once you enter the magnificent Ceremonial Arena, choose to treat yourself to the most relishing medieval banquet dinner.

The serfs and wenches are the experts in preparing medieval dishes served by utilizing and serving in the usual pre-silver ware dishes.

The moment the show starts you will encounter an extravagant display and beautiful equestrian maneuvers and then the stage is taken over by the striking Andalusia Stallions. After you full up to the brim move on to the brave knights on horseback contending in medieval play-offs which are so much fun to watch and you seriously won’t realize how time flew by.

Medieval TimesThe real wordplay competitions and sword fighting amongst the six heroic knights of the kingdom is something that you must have not seen anywhere and the chances of catching something like this at some other place seem improbable!

There is a seating arrangement made for more than 1,100 guests at the Grand Ceremonial Arena. There are performances that take place in the evening and matinee shows during certain times of the year. Medieval Life basically consists of an 8 cottage village that is located neighboring to the castle. It was the only and perhaps is the only living medieval village that still exists in the US. This location offers their guest with a spot on sentiment of what life at that period was and what it truly was to live like in the middle Ages.

Medieval Times also boasts of the “A Knight to Remember!” that offers kid the time of their life and how they wish they could sit there forever. There was also a “Fundraiser shows that had taken place in the year 2004, 2005, and 2006. At this event they had accumulated money in order to donate to the Kids for Safe Shelter of Osceola County.

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Medieval Times Tickets

“My family and I went to see this show when my son came down for the winter. We were told to arrive an hour before hand to insure our seating. It was worth the one hour wait, they had a bar inside and a miniature “museum” that showed tons of medieval armor and weapons, as well as told stories about the era. When we got in the showing room, or a better way of putting it is the “arena;” we were greeted with soup soda (or wine). And they explain that tonight’s competition is between several knights that will be jousting on the floor. The area where you are seated is the color of “your” knight, the one whom you are supposed to cheer for. Apparently there are several different story lines, so each time you come back there is something new to see; the one we saw had an evil knight that was cheating in the competition. The show was great, the food was great and above all, the entire thing was amazingly entertaining and authentic; if you want to get you’re moneys worth out of a dinner show, then this is the place to go!” – Angelina Jhoust

Medieval Times Tickets

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