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Islands of AdventureJust in case you happen to be one of the wild seekers for pure adventure than what you are looking for is the island of adventure. It happens to be a themed park that can be visited by all ages and this is the place that you are bound to realize and find out more about fantastic new worlds.

This theme park offers something for every one in the family. For the tiny tots there is this extremely charming and attractive Seuss Landing, based on the books of Dr. Seuss, or in the Camp Jurassic play zone.

The kids in their teens can choose to expend the day in an adrenaline rush hitting the stimulating rides throughout the park. Island of Adventure is a perfect mix of expertise knowledge, fairy tale, imaginary story and flight of the imagination that revolves around six inimitable and miraculous islands.

The Port of Entry, which is an area due north is a very good place to freak out and go shopping and moreover it has a strong touch of the feel if a typical Arabian bazaar. A few main characteristics of this theme park are the Confisco Grille restaurant and a Krispy Kreme donut shop that are located at the entrance. The kids are going to have the best time while trying to get a getaway in the Discovery Center at Jurassic Park.

It is exactly the one that is seen in the Jurassic Park movie. At this park kids are going to freak when it’s the time to experience the 88-foot drop while trying to break off from the angry T Rex.

Islands of AdventureHowever if you are more inclined towards the smaller sides then you can opt for the flyover of the Camp Jurassic. It is more like a kids play area and at the same time you could also enjoy at the Pteranodon Flyers, which is a suspended coaster type of attraction that eagerly waits for your presences!

The tourists thoroughly have an awesome time at the Dueling Dragoons inverted roller coaster that is high above the Lost Continent. This adventurous park comes with a complete package and is out there to fulfill all the requirements and desires of its visitors.

The island is essentially themed to the more like ancient myths and legends. Islands of Adventure is claimed to be the basic and perfect theme park that is designed for the 21st century and is out there to cater to people of all ages!

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Islands of Adventure Tickets

“I took my boys here because they have always loved super heroes. Since they were kids they always wanted to be Spiderman, so my first agenda for my kids was to take them on the Spiderman ride. The kids loved it, and I though it was great also, you get to ride around in this car with 3D glasses and you go through the New York City streets; along the way you encounter Spiderman’s most dangerous enemies. Then we rode the Hulk, my kids wanted to be in the front row, and they let us wait till we could, and boy was it a wild ride! We blasted out of the tube incredibly fast and were flying across the surface of the water, it was amazing. We rode so many rides that day, including both the Dueling Dragons and the Jurassic Park River Adventure, Pteranodon Flyers and more! This theme park is full of classic movie characters and entertaining rides, this is the theme park you can’t miss out on!” – Deborah Greene

Islands of Adventure Tickets

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