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Wet 'n WildWet ‘n wild is basically referred to a one full-day that is completely filled with lots of fun things to do for the entire family. It is selected as one of the nation’s best-attended water parks ever since it has opened up and this tribute was given by the “Amusement Business Magazine”.

Wet ‘n Wild’s features world-class super adventure rides along with full focus on quality service that cater to all the fun-lovers and age is certainly no barrier. Your visit to the Wet ‘n Wild is bound to more than just fun as it is one of the most fun thing to do in summers.

You simply can’t afford to miss out on the tube ride as it is absolutely incredible!

You are sure to be uncertain as to what you are getting yourself into but trust me they are going to set you on these tubes that were just full of air. It is so mush worth taking the risk as there is so much fun and enjoyable thoughts aligned up. Disco H2O is claimed to be one of Wet ‘n Wild’s newest attractions which is a fresh twirl on the old water ride formula. It is more like a four passenger raft that is in the shape of a cloverleaf. The rider seated inside makes their way to the coast and then land into a Water-Disco club, which is full of disco ball and groovy lights.

Wet 'n WildYou could also opt to go for one of the three courses that will send trough a turn and twirl exciting ride that ends 1700 ft later. There are several routes and each of them being highly different and all the more thrilling than the others. However one thing that is common is the end that always ends with a splatter of water!

The Surf Lagoon is a place that is located at the Wet ‘n Wild. This is a spot where you can actually take a break from the thrills. This is a 17,000 square foot an imitation of a beach, which is about 4 foot high waves roll across the water. You can choose to take a quiet lie-down and take note to the sounds of the waves or even choose to have a leisurely walk in the water to get to the water fall that falls at the end of the pool.

Wild One is one of the rides where you will have to keep watching out where two people are dragged across the Wet n’ Wild lake. One person goes on top of a very floating tube that is joined with the speed of the speed boat which is at quite a fast pace and is one of the most popular ride.

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Wet ‘N Wild Tickets

“I took my family to Wet n’ Wild for a family fun day and boy was it worth it. My kids spent most of the day on the kids play area, but we went on all the rides! First I wanted to try the Brain Wash, so I had my mother watch the kids while me and my wife rode it; it was amazing, I don’t know if there’s words to describe it, you have to try it yourself. We then went on the DerStuka and plummeted 250 feet down a massive waterslide, something I will never forget (and a wedgie that will never let me forget). Then we rode the Storm, where we dropped down tubes into spinning bowls, we rotated around and around until falling out the bottom. We then raced on the Mach 5, each of us picked a path and my wife beat me to the end! This park is wild and awesome; these are only a few of the rides that we rode on. If it’s ever hot out, and you need to cool off this is the place to be!” – Phillip Young

Wet ‘N Wild Tickets

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