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Typhoon LagoonTyphoon Lagoon is considered to be a Disney star that turns a fuming rainstorm once roared from corner to corner of the sea. The flinging and throwing the surfboards into trees, gusting small boats through roofs and running through a shrimp boat on a crest of an enormous volcanic mountain are some of the sights worth experiencing! Housing the most well-known water rides this theme park is known as a revolutionary artificial wave machine.

You could also choose to visit this place if you are in a particular set notion to discover your surfing talent and ability to handle some of the exigent man made waves. The wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon is the largest in the world that offers some of the most perfect excitement!

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon promises the most untamed, breathtaking and wet water venture that has never been known to man or fish. From choosing to go for the Crush N Gusher that is a roller coaster waterslide that you must have never experienced or the Humunga Kowabunga from where you can choose to fire down Mount Mayday in any of three side-by-side 214-foot enclosed speed slides. The Keelhaul Falls is another favorite activity that allows a single person to flume ride. Apart from these the Shark Reef is one of the most exciting things to do for people who can be daring enough and opt to go swimming with real sharks.

Typhoon LagoonMayday Falls is where you can go overboard for this fun-filled inner tube water slide adventure that curves down the mountain. Castaway Creek is a ride that you can take in an inner tube that gently floats on waters where wind directs in a marvelous 2,000 foot journey through out the Park. Surf Pool is claimed to be one of the world’s largest wave pools. Gang Plank Falls that is an eventual and the most fun ride where the whole family can join in not considering of any age.

The Ketchakiddee Creek where you and your family members can choose to splash water one ach other, have fun and on the small scale slides, fountains and do much more. We are now offering tickets for the typhoon lagoon at heavy discounted prices. You could start by clicking on the sites mentioned on this website. You could also read the different features that are included in the tickets and some of the other benefits that will be offered to you.

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Typhoon Lagoon Tickets

“It was one of those hot days in Florida that comes so often, so we decided to go to a water park rather than a theme park. Why isn’t this park one of the major attractions at Disney? It was spectacular, the best part was the wave pool, with six foot high waves (if you swam out far, don’t let that scare you) we body surfed all day long! The slides there were fantastic, some were huge drops, others were winding turns, you could get up to incredible speeds! The tube rides were fun also, I took my wife and kids down one at a time on the double rafts, each time their reactions were hysterical. My wife enjoyed the beach where she could lie in the sun and the lazy river that circled the entire park! Personally my favorite park was swimming in the reef with the sharks (that apparently eat lettuce). If it is ever a hot day at the theme parks this is a go to, but either way, you gotta go to this place!” – Samuel McKensey

Typhoon Lagoon Tickets

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