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Holy LandThe Holy Land Experience is typically related to a very different kind of trip that you can opt to take. It is far beyond the theme parks and thrilling and adventurous rides. It’s more like an educational and inspirational experience from where you will get aware about deep insights. This is of more use to the people who have immense faith in Christianity.

The Holy Land Experience is a synonym to the existing, biblical narration of the olden times. Apart from being historical, but it more like melodramatic, and enlightening. It is a truly only one of its kind themed park among the many other attractions that is situated in Orlando!

It was open to the public on Feb. 5, 2001. It measures by 15-acre, and a $16 million dollar worth investment. It features a genuine facsimile of Jerusalem as it was at some stage in the time of Jesus and the Roman Empire. The very explanation why it is given the name of the “The Holy Land Experience” is for the reason that you get absolutely engrossed in the highlights, resonance, and tastes of Jerusalem as how it used to be about 2 millennia years ago.

Some of the Holy Land Attractions includes: Calvary’s Garden Tomb which is a great recreational place. It also happens to be the place where Jesus’ body was laid down for 3 days however it did not remain over there. It arose after the crucifixion as it’s not very easy to keep a good man down. Then there is Scriptorium where some of the rarest and unique artifacts are housed. It is more relevant with the Word of God. Most of these things are kept on display at the Scriptorium.

Holy LandJerusalem Model A.D. 66, which is an astonishing 45-foot model. It is claimed to be a historically correct model of Jerusalem. It also offers an inspirational insight into the history of the city and the life of Jesus. If you notice carefully you will be able to see the routes that were taken by Jesus would to get to Golgotha. That was the place where Jesus was crucified.

There must have certainly been a plenty of times that you must have either desperately wanted to seek the information or wanted to visit this kind of a place. However now since you are planning g a trip to Orlando you have an opportunity of visiting this place. To avoid further delays and hassles simply opt to buy the ticket online as we are offering heavy discounts on all the tickets.

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Holy Land“We have lived in the Florida area for a long time now, and we have always wanted to go to Jerusalem or anywhere in the Middle East for that matter. So we decided to go to the Holy Land for the cultural experience and maybe enjoy some live entertainment. The place is spectacular; it is all built around a six story white and gold temple where they do hourly shows on the steps. The shows at the temple were great, they sang and danced, released doves into the sky and told stories, be sure to see all these shows if you go, there in the Temple Plaza. One of the most interesting areas is the Scriptorium; it’s filled with original scrolls of the Bible, with a narrated round the clock tour that starts every seven minutes, there is really no wait. Also one of the more fascinating shows is the Wilderness Tabernacle, where you see the priest enter the Tabernacle and go the ritual customs to finally reach the chamber in the tent that holds the Arch of the Covenant. The shops in the streets are really cool; they sell merchandise imported from Israel and show off some incredible artwork. If you come to the Orlando area and you enjoy a relaxed fun time and cultural experience, this is the place to go!” – Henry Gates

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