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Disney Base TicketsPurchasing the all base tickets are certainly the best and probably the simplest way access to the Disney tickets available. You chose the number of days you plan on visiting the parks, you buy a base ticket for that number of days, and then you visit one of the four Disney parks per day. Base Tickets provides the entry of one guest to the Disney theme park each day. The same features are applicable to adults and well as kids. These tickets pass offers you access to the magic kingdom park, Epcot, Disney, Hollywood Studios and the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Some of the essential points include that each person will have an admission to the park per day which means that there is no park hopping. Your right to enter in the Walt Disney World Transportation terminates 14 days after you use the first day. So make sure you use up your tickets way ahead of the stipulated time. If you have all the time to spare than you could even choose to expend time with your favorite Disney characters that light up the sky in Spectromagic along the Main Street USA. You could also use the same tickets again to come and have a repetitive session of all the fun and excitement as you still have tickets which can give you an entrance to the Walt Disney World Resort. You could also opt to visit Epcot  with your Disney World Tickets which is regarded as the Walt Disney’s dream for a new archetype group of people of that future that come to life at this one-of-a-kind park. The third day can be spent at the Disney-MGM Studios where all the fun lies in seeing your dream turn into a reality.

Disney Base Tickets

“The way these tickets work are awesome, you get to go to one park a day and explore the whole place. We spent a day at Magic Kingdom, a day at Epcot, another at Hollywood Studios and the last day at Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom was awesome; it was what you expected from Disney World, all the characters and shows were from the originals. The rides and shows here were awesome, my daughter loved the beauty and the beast show, and my son loved the space mountain and stitch rides. The next day at Epcot we got on Mission: Space and felt the strange gravitational experience. The ride was awesome; we rode it twice before we left that day. We also enjoyed Test Track a lot, the thing moved so fast, and you could here people screaming from across the park. The park had a lot of interesting educational rides, so we left for Hollywood Studios the next day. The first thing we were told to do was go see the Indiana Jones show at Hollywood Studios, so we went and checked the time, then went to Star Tours to pass the time till the showing. The ride was so funny and memorable; I mean who hasn’t seen Star Wars? It was a simulator and the kids found it so cool and innovative. When we came out we walked to the Indiana Jones showing and boy was it worth it. The explosions the stunts and all the acting was awesome, the kids enjoyed it a little too much (They both want to be movie stars now)! The next day we got up and went to Animal Kingdom, we could have seen it from a mile away, that’s how big the tree is. The shows are probably the best part of the area, because they take the animals and make them do the most incredible things. My kids also enjoyed the dinosaur section of the area, especially the rides in the area. If you intend to go to all the parks and spend a day at each, then this is the perfect plan for you.” – Paul Campbell

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