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Adventure IslandAs soon as you step foot into Adventure Island you get a sense of laid back relaxation. Adventure Island spreads over 30 acres of land and with numerous water rides such as the corkscrew slides, waterfalls, a giant wave pool, a rambling river, and even more family attractions.

Along with the thrill seeking yet mellow rides visitors of the park can enjoy food and ice cream from one of many of Adventure Island’s dining options. Surfside cafĂ© greets visitors to enjoy America’s favorite foods such as pizza, hot-dogs, and chicken strips, you can also be treated to their fine desserts and treats such as soft serve ice cream in waffle cones, sweet crispy funnel cakes and much more! Another great place to eat is the Bayou Beach Club where you can enjoy assorted soft drinks, jumbo pretzels, an ultimate nacho platter or more small snacks and if you are at or over the drinking age you can sit back and enjoy a chilled Anheuser-Bush InBev drink. Mango Joe’s is the largest dining option and is specifically made for visitors with a big appetite, they offer burgers, wraps, chicken-strips and freshly made desserts. Mango Joe’s also offers chilled Anheuser-Bush InBev drinks . Along with the bigger dining options in the park there are also smaller ones scattered throughout the facility including the popular ice cream shops Gulf Stream Ice Cream and Surfside Ice Cream. Whatever your cravings may be after a day of sun and water Adventure Island’s dining options are prepared for you.

Adventure Island The main thing that draws visitors into Adventure Island is its rides. You can enjoy over 10 great rides in the park such as the Aruba Tuba where you get whisked an siphoned through a bright green twisted slide on your choice of raft, Calypso Coaster in which you can be daring and go alone or pair up with a partner and float down the twists and turns of an open flume slide, Caribbean Corkscrew tumbles you for 230-feet over and under the other brave rider in a series of two translucent purple tubes , Everglides lets you jump onto a toboggan and slide down a 72-foot water slide at a fast rate of speed, Gulf Scream is a body slide that lets you slide down 210 feet at speeds exceeding 25 MPH, Key West Rapids is nearly six stories tall-it may seem like a lot to get up but once you start going down and around the twists, turns, slopes, gushers, water mines and landing in a splash pool you suddenly you’ll lose track of everything, Riptide is Florida’s original mat slide-it puts you on your personal mat and slides you down a 55-foot drop, Runaway Rapids gives you the option to choose from one of the 5 flumes where you are twisted and turned on your way down to the splash pool, Wahoo Run is fun for the family-after you settle down into a raft-it pushes you and your family at 15 feet per second down a 600-foot half enclosed tunnels into a splash pool, and the Water Moccasin which gives you the option of three tubes that snake around and ultimately end up in the same splash pool. Whatever your level of thrill seeking-ness may be there is a ride for you at Adventure Island.

Adventure Island Some people do not always enjoy being pushed down and around twists and turns at high rates of speed, and the attractions at Adventure Island are made specifically for those people. The Endless Surf is a 17,000 square foot wave pool that will continuously hurl waves up to 5 feet high! Fabian’s Fun Port is made for the children, of course you wouldn’t expect a full grown adult to play in the scaled down playground. Paradise Lagoon lets you jump off of a 20-foot platform or sling on a sturdy cable-the possibilities are endless in this 9,000 square foot paradise. The Rambling Bayou lets you sit on your own personal raft and glide you down a half mile tube strip where you will encounter a colorful rain forest with waterfalls, rain, and even fog. The splash attack is a maze with over 50 water toys like jets, levers, rope pulls and more, It also has a 1,000 gallon wooden bucket that spills every 7 minutes. Whatever your interest in a water park may be, Adventure Island is the place to go. No matter what you do at this park we can guarantee you one thing: YOU WILL GET DRENCHED!

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