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Universal StudiosUniversal Studio Theme Park is renowned to be the territory of movie delight and fascination. This is certainly the place where most of the life long dreams turn into reality. Universal Studios is the place to be if you are looking forward to be taken to some of the fantasy dreams always floated, in particular after screening a hit movie at the multiplex. There must be a plenty of times that you must have either dreamt of being in the main lead or at least be a part of the main crew. However now you have an opportunity of trying your luck by purchasing the Universal Studio tickets that can be easily bought at discounted rates.

The studio is separated into 6 main lands and the amusement park is more than entertaining and exciting. The fun and thrill is not bound to age and one can enjoy all the entertaining action at the Universal Studios. The attractions located here are spell-bounding.

You cannot afford to walk out of Orlando without visiting the movies live. The only place and the most perfect place to experience live movies would be at the Universal Studios. There is no other park in that will let you watch THE MUMMY, fly with E.T. the Extraterrestrial, or for that matter even get to come face to face with that big, green, ogre Shrek. You can even choose to catch the block-buster in the making since there are real movie studios on property. Universal Studios Tickets can be bought on this site without much hassle.

When you purchase our tickets online for the Universal Studios, you also get the liberty to take complete pleasure from the Woody Woodpecker’s Kids Zone that is jam-packed with several different attractions that are principally devoted to the tiny tots but still in a way manages to entertain the adults. The attractions at the E.T. Adventure and the A Day in the Park with Barney are bound to add up to the excitement that you might have not experienced in years.

This happens to be the best part of the exciting Kids Zone section. World Expo includes attractions such as the Back to the Future; the Ride and Men in Black; Alien Attack which is certainly more than famous and need no basic introduction. Jaws and Fear Factor; Live attractions in its portfolio available at one place at one time certainly results in a true breath taking experience.

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Universal StudiosI took my kids here because they are big movies fans. Their favorite movies are usually the ones with aliens and monsters; so I took them to the Men in Black Alien Attack ride first, and they loved it! We rode it twice and both times my score was awful, the kids kept laughing and tell me I had to aim, I was just that bad. We went on Revenge of the Mummy next and I nearly wet my pants, but the kids thought it was great, and asked if they could ride it again; I sat out the second time. Next we went on JAWS; that was incredibly fun, the huge shark rammed the boat and swam around blowing things up. The tour instructor on the boat was hilarious and he even made it look real, it was so cool! Next we set off to see Terminator 2 in 3D, which was great for the kids, I didn’t understand it much, but they said watch the movies before hand would have helped. If you are a movie and you enjoy crazy rides and fun shows go to Universal Studios, your kids will love you forever!” – Dorothy King

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