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LondonAs the capital of England, London represents the largest urban area of the United Kingdom. With London Car Rental, you can discover a wealth of history that makes London what it is today. Since time began, many great movements were spawned from London including the Gothic The City of London today Revival, Industrial Revolution, and the English Renaissance. London which was know as Londinium in medieval times was conquered by the Romans in 43AD.

Due to the decline of the Roman empire in the 5th century the city was abandoned. By the 7th century the Anglo-Saxons created settlements near the old Roman city. Still the city was overcome by the Vikings and needed to be moved back to the old Roman city for protection. During the process of time, various kings arose and formed the seat of government entitled Winchester.

Only populated by 18,000 by the 14th century, London continued to grow in population and wealth during the middle ages. Before the rise of modern London, she experienced a deluge of catastrophes including the Black death in the 14 century, the Peasant’s Revolt, Baron’s Wars, Wars of Roses, Spanish Wars, the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London in 1666.

During the rise of modern London, she become one of the largest cities until 1925. Due to her major influences in fashion, art, education, entertainment and politics, London is now consider to be the quintessential global city of the world. Not only is London a great city, but also is composed of a diversity of religion, culture, and peoples that speak over 300 languages. Ethnic groups span the gamut from White to Iris, Hindi to Pakistani, African to Chinese, and Latin to Japanese. The climate in London is mild all year long which makes a it a #1 destination spot in the world with highs ranging from 57-77F & lows between 36-46F.

LondonGranted city status in 1853, Manchester assumed the status of “Greater Manchester, England” with a population of 452,000.Described as the Capital of the North, Manchester is considered the second city of the UK. Similar to London, Manchester is also a center of commerce, upper education, arts and media. Many were under the impression that Manchester is the best place to establish a business. Truly an excursion by Manchester Car Hire to England would not be complete without a stop in Manchester.

According to reports in 2007, Manchester was economically the fastest-growing-city in the world. Manchester is the third-most visited city in England according to statistics. At it’s inception, the Celtics were the first to establish a stronghold in what is now called Northern England. Some remains of the Roman fort in Castlefied can be seen today which stabilized the empire. Roman rule finally dissipated in the 4th century.

One notable landmark from this era is the collegiate church in constructed 1421, now Manchester Cathedral, housing Chatham’s Library and Chatham’s School of Music. In the following century, Manchester became an important center of woolens and linen. Perhaps the most important period in Manchester history is the Industrial Revolution. Manchester found itself as the most productive center for the cotton processing industry and the world’s largest market for textiles. Much of the unplanned urbanization occurred at the turn of the 19th century. Due to this fast growing market paved way for the canalization of rivers allowing a direct route to the Port of Manchester. The industrial era finally came to a close and switched to bomb making at the beginning of WWII in 1940.

LondonWhile Avis is a world-renown car rental brand, it isn’t easy being the best in the industry. At Southampton Car Hire, Avis specializes in both pleasure and business clients while offering a vast array of services in Southampton. With a larger than life presence in over 2,100 offices nationwide, no wonder Avis is a foremost leader in the car rental industry. Featuring a large selection of vehicles, Avis offers most everything from two & four door compacts to midrange, SUV’s to standards, and sport to specialties. For the truck models, Avis provides the flexibility of 3-door passenger vans, SUV’s, or Mini-Vans. In addition to Avis standard fleet of vehicles they also offer “Cool Cars” for the more active lifestyle.

LondonAs an industry leader for over 30 years, Birmingham Car Rental continues to offer outstanding service to our clients when traveling to Kensington Palace, London. With a major presence in over 53 countries in over 600 locations, Dollar maintains a simple philosophy and that is “convenience and exceptional customer service.” When planning a Orlando family vacation to the Cadbury World, booking a dollar rental has never been easier. With today’s online services, you can take advantage of benefits from major companies including Continental, Northwest, Delta, Southwest, Hawaiian, and Aloha.

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