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Arabian Nights Arabian Nights is mainly pertaining to folktales that are on an extensive scale enjoyed by kids who are between 10- 15 years. The restaurateurs and hoteliers use the opportunity of the magic of Arabian Nights to entertain their guest. So in a way this theme works as entertainment grabbers that appeal to different people. It certainly makes the night seem more wonderful and extremely bright.

Arabian nights have become a theme park attraction at several cities located in United States. You can expect a super sonic magic feast that lies ahead of you at the Arabian Nights dinner theatre. While entering the Palace of Horses expect a warm greeting by some of the most kind and self-effacing staff that are bound to be at your service anytime of the day and you’re your needs and desire are to be taken care of.

You are bound to be surprised with the dishes like- slow roasted prime rib of beef, which is seasoned with baby red potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and the Princess’s wedding cake. A blend of all these along with other aspects make the Arabian night theme all the more interesting and fascinating and hence people residing form all around the world to make it a point to at least experience it once. There is an exceptional menu for the children that incorporate crispy chicken fingers, baby new potatoes and veggies, and the extraordinarily special princess’s wedding cake for dessert. You could also try making special requests for dietary needs that will be accommodated for provided there is a prior notice given.

Arabian Nights is claimed to be the best dinner show in Orlando, Florida. It is bound to remind you of Arabian Nightsthe magical tale of love and victory that constitutes of 60 horses from all around the world. Arabian Nights is the times when you will get to see more of costumes than you could ever get to see in the Broadway production. The costumes, date lighting and special effects are impeccable and up to the mark. Moreover your eyes are bound to get a treat of some of the most famous horses, professional riders, out of the ordinary effects and striking costumes all of which is rolled into a charming and pleasant family melodramatic presentation.

The story tale basically rotates around something that is related to the wedding of the Prince and Princess. Several tourist and locals are invited to join in and share the wonder and the supernatural created in this romantic tale. With a place that can accommodate up to 1200, the venue where the Arabian night is hosted is recognized to be the world’s largest indoor Equestrian Arena. Arabian Nights caters to both the Central Floridians as well as vacationer, travelers from around the globe into its 90,000 square foot facility. It is selected the four-time the winner of all the Dinner Attraction. It has managed to capture the attention of more than 3 million since the time it has been open.

“My family and I went to see this show when my son came down for the winter. We were told to arrive an hour before hand to insure our seating. It was worth the one hour wait, they had a bar inside and a miniature ‘museum’ that showed tons of medieval armor and weapons, as well as told stories about the era. When we got in the showing room, or a better way of putting it is the ‘arena;’ we were greeted with soup soda (or wine). And they explain that tonight’s competition is between several knights that will be jousting on the floor. The area where you are seated is the color of ‘your’ knight, the one whom you are supposed to cheer for. Apparently there are several different story lines, so each time you come back there is something new to see; the one we saw had an evil knight that was cheating in the competition. The show was great, the food was great and above all, the entire thing was amazingly entertaining and authentic; if you want to get you’re moneys worth out of a dinner show, then this is the place to go!” – Angelina Jhoust

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